exboozehound’s blog 5 years anniversary & 2day2gether launch

exboozehound’s blog 5 years anniversary & 2day2gether launch….

So on the 24th October 2018 it was the 5th anniversary since I posted the first page on the exboozehound blog, a simple page but an important page….

About Me – Posted on exboozehound blog 24th October 2013

I prepared for the 26th October 2018 my way as usual, much to the frustration of people around me, my way is gunna start to take a back seat as 2day2gether grows cus stuff needs to be done properly.

Below is some of the stuff I came up with, some of those who turned up on the day and various other stuff….

I built 4 information boards and on these boards was the following:-

Board 1

Questions / Statements

Possibly a bit leading, maybe a bit cheeky 

(I asked people to indicate with sticky dots whether they “Agreed”, “Strongly Agreed”, “Disagreed” or “Strongly Disagreed”….

All the relevant organisations (NHS, Council, Police, CCG, Third Party organisations etc) currently work together as much as they should do for the best outcome for everyone….

Agree – 4% Strongly Agree – 0% Disagree – 43% Strongly Disagree – 53%

In order to make actual real change to the fractured system we must never use this very dangerous phrase:- “We’ve always done it this way”….

Agree – 14% Strongly Agree – 86% Disagree – 0% Strongly Disagree – 0%


Agree – 18% Strongly Agree – 82% Disagree – 0% Strongly Disagree – 0%

More people like exboozehound are needed to question the establishment and make them think differently…. (Mark Axcell “Think Differently” Sean Russell “Critical Friend”)

Agree – 15% Strongly Agree 85% – Disagree – 0% Strongly Disagree – 0%

2day2gether has what it takes to be an MCP (Multispeciality Community Provider) /Hub for proper bespoke support and care in an open relaxed environment – Real person centered care….

Agree – 22% Strongly Agree – 78% Disagree – o% Strongly Disagree -0%

Do you and your organisation want to work with 2day2gether? Email:- yo@2day2gether.co.uk

Agree – 26% Strongly Agree – 74% Disagree – 0% Strongly Disagree – 0%

Board 2

2day2gether Moving Forward….

Now we’ve officially launched 2day2gether the next step is to setup as a charity, then speak with various bodies including the Big Lotto Fund for some moolah. The ultimate goal is to obtain charity status and find a home for 2day2gether to have a physical presence in Halesowen/Dudley and become an MCP/Hub for local people, people all over the country and people all over the world.

2day2gether will help people in many different ways all centered around our amazing Life Experience Warriors….

Using the extensive network exboozehound has built over the last 5 years we will strive to offer support and help whatever your needs are.

Whatever your specific needs are the starting place for your recovery will always be at 2day2gether….

Board 3

West Midlands Combined Authority

I’m very proud to be working with Sean Russell as part of the WMCA Mental Health Commission. I am also very proud that I was nominated and won the first WMCA “Mental Health Star Dudley” award, Sean calls me his “Critical Friend” (I know…. Me? Critical? Surely not)

If you haven’t seen the WMCA action plan called “Thrive” there were a few copies below and it’s available in PDF download…. Thrive PDF Download

For me the WMCA and the rozzers are absolutely key for creating the right approach for getting Mental Health care & support right….

Once 2day2gether is setup as a charity we will be organising a skydive, will you join us either by jumping with us or by sponsoring us?….

2day2gether contact details:-

Mobile – 07490 618544

Email – yo@2day2gether.co.uk

Website – www.2day2gether.co.uk

Peer Support groups currently run by 2day2gether….

Friends, family, carers are all welcome

Men’s Group – Thursday 13:00 to 14:00, The Hope Centre, Halesowen – The Hope Cebtre closes for school holidays but we sometimes still run them, call the number above for details.

Mixed Group – Fortnightly at ASDA Merry Hill – 13:00 to 15:00 (next meeting 2nd November) 2day2gether have just taken this meeting back over to grow numbers.

Board 4

What we can cover at 2day2gether (the goal for me is we can cover everything that comes our way, if we don’t have an immediate resolution we will find one amongst exboozehound’s network…. We are a one stop shop or an MCP as described by Mr Benn)

Depression, Anxiety – Mental Illness – OCD -Addiction (all forms) -Booze & Drug Issues – Domestic Abuse Men & Women – Self Harm – Historic Child Sexual Abuse, Rape, Men & Women – Eating Disorders – Personality Disorders – Homelessness – Alternative Therapies – Suicide – Carers and Family and Friends – Spiritualism – Noggin Retraining – Help You find You and Help Others –  One on One Support – Group Support – Peer Support….

The list is endless…. We will find a way at 2day2gether

So who did we have turn up and what organisations were represented?

– Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Trust Vocational Services

– Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Trust

– Health Watch Dudley

– Intergrated Plus

– Rethink

– Mind

– Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Improvement Partnership

– Friends and Family, including My Mom, Dad and Aunt

– Dementia Advocate

– 2day2gether service users

– 2day2gether LEW’s (Life Experience Warriors)

– CVT Shared Lives

– Dudley Adult Social Care

– OT/Moving and Handling, Assessment and independence, Access and prevention Adult Care, People Directorate

– School Nurse from Dudley

and others, we took the opportunity to introduce everyone to everyone, some people knew each other but a lot now have new contacts and people/organisations they can work with…. Which in part is what 2day2gethers about….

I was really pleased with who turned up and enjoyed watching people from all different organisations chatting and getting to know each other, some of them for the first time….

You won’t believe this but I did a lot of talking…. But I did give others the chance to speak as well, John Healy (John is one of 2day2gether LEW’s, Life Experience Warriors) said a few words about his journey with exboozehound and 2day2gether and how much his life has changed cus of it, his words were very humbling for me and got me close to a tear…. Damian Corfield also took the opportunity to say a few words which were extremely powerful and supportive and we’re looking forward to hooking up on different projects moving forward. I also pushed Rachel into saying a few words cus she had earlier told me that during a recent episode the only thing that helped her was reading my book, it’s now her go to coping mechanism, which makes me extremely proud, she also mentioned she is now being called “the female exboozehound which somehow she sees as a compliment, I summed up that she was getting this title cus she’d got a big gob….

So much was going on on Friday that it’s hard to know what to put on this page, I was gunna put pictures of my awards I’ve been nominated for and won over the last few years but I ran out of patience trying to take the pics….

I’ve just read some of the comments people wrote in the comments book and got close to a tear again, a good tear, I’m not gunna share the comments cus believe it or not I am able to keep some things to myself although the evidence available doesn’t really back this up. Now 2day2gether has been launched exboozehound will be going into semi-retirement, 2day2gether is about new people moving forward together it’s not about what I’ve been up to for the last 5 years, yes I’ll still use the exboozehound name cus it has the exboozehound effect…. “Hi I’m Jon Mansell” usually gets a very blank face, but “Hi I’m exboozehound” usually gets “I’ve heard about you, watched your Vlogs, read your blogs and book” which I still find very enjoyable….

The Book

It all started 5 years ago with this blog page originally posted 24th October 2013

About Me

Hi, my name is Jon I am “exboozehound” you can probably work out I have had one or two issues with booze over the years. Fortunately my last drink was on the 17th February 2003, the day before I started a 4 week stay at the Woodbourne Priory Hospital.

I have suffered with depression since my teens, I am now 40 and unfortunately Clinical Depression has got the better of me and is currently winning the war.

So, to sum up I am a 40 year old Mentally Ill Alcoholic who is winning against booze but losing against depression.

I have started this blog to share my experiences, good and bad. I am going to be completely honest and I guarantee I will contradict myself from time to time.

I have had a horrendous time over the last few months and if this blog can help even just one person in a very small way it will be worth it.

So…. Back in 2013 I was “winning the war against booze but losing against depression” I’m now winning any war that is going on including the war against my #MentalIllnessIssues and I’m doing it one day at a time. It’s taken a lot of hard work but please believe me when I say that hard work is soooooooo worth it….

I think it’s about time for me to shut up, what I’ve been doing as exboozehound for the last 5 years has just been me messing about, 2day2gether is gunna make some real, lasting change, the Life Experience Warriors are gunna make sure that happens, if you wanna be a Life Experience Warrior drop me an email (yo@2day2gether.co.uk) telling my why and what you have to offer 2day2gether and the world….

And don’t forget “enjoy the good and ride out the bad”….

Thank you to everyone who turned up on Friday, to those who didn’t make it you missed out on an extraordinary few hours and I’ll see you a the next one or sometime soon….

Keep Going 😉