Male Victims of Sexual Abuse and Assault

Hi, exboozehound here, I’m creating this page on behalf of one of our 2day2gether LEW’s (Life Experience Warriors – Ken McAuley…. At our last Mens Group that we run at The Hope Centre, Halesowen on a Thursday Ken did something that doesn’t happen often, he interrupted me…. I know, how dare he interrupt exboozehound, is he mad? (Well…. yes he is 😮😂). I said to him “This better be good” and my gosh…. It was definately worth interrupting whatever nonsense I was blathering on about at the time…. (I almost regretted joking “This better be good” 😂).

Here’s the thing, when Ken was a child he was raped and sexually abused by his own family, best if you read his own words at this point, there’s an extract below but you can read more details at Kens – About Me page….

“My mental health problems surfaced or rather exploded when I reached the age of 40, culminating in my admission to Bushey Fields Hospital and the breakup of my marriage. It was about this time that I began to recall horrifying events in my chidhood, in particular myself being repeatedly raped by my father after having attended Mass each Sunday. I also remember being sexually abused by one of my sisters during the week again on a regular basis.”

Ken and I have spoken about his being raped as a child quite a number of times and I’m very proud I’ve helped him become able to speak completely openly about his horrendous childhood experiences and even more proud when I see him talking openly about being raped by his Dad as a child to help others deal with their similar issues…. (Proud of you dude!!!!)

At this point I just want to address those of you who think me seemingly joking about on a page as serious as this and using emojis, this is what we do…. YES this is about as serious and horrendous issue anyone can have to deal with but the second time I met Ken I called him a “W” and he calls me much worse…. YES what happened to Ken is horrendous but it’s not the only thing that’s ever happened in his life….

ok, I agree I need to shut up now and introduce you to what Ken wanted to speak about as a male survivor of rape….

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SurvivorsUK are setting a challenge to start a discussion by not talking, they are asking their champions to pledge to take a 26 hour silence which reflects the 26 year average silence people face before seeking support for rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse….

You can contact SurvivorsUK to get your “Survival Kit”, in it you will find a sticker. Write on it #WeHearYou and take a selfie with it across your mouth. Post it on social media, using #WeHearYou #26hourchallenge or upload it on the Hall of Heroes at

By getting involved in SurvivorsUK 26 hour silence and showing that you hear the silent community all around us, you will be raising more awareness of the barriers many men face when speaking out about sexual violence and begin to dismantle them.

SurvivorsUK is a male rape and sexual abuse charity based in London. They support the victims of abuse, challenge the myths and preconceptions around it, and build communities of support.

Get your Survival Kit

We at 2day2gether will be happy if we help just one person get in touch with SurvivorsUK, as what they are doing is so very important, every man out there who has been raped or sexually abused needs to know they are not alone and there is no shame whatsoever in talking about the horrendous things that have happened to them….

Guys it’s time for you to get the help you need to talk about and work through anything that is effecting your life negatively and indeed if at all possible get past the horrendous memories and scars of your life….