What Christmas Meant to me this Year

Post by John one of 2day2gether’s LEW’s (Life Experiene Warriors)

What Christmas Meant to me this Year

Well, for a start I did the midnight mass reading at my local church, which I’ve done two years running I’m happy to have had this honour 🙂

I did rather more boozing than is healthy with my good friend Ken. I watched DVDs and generally behaved like an inebriated couch potato.

Had a very interesting meeting with Jon Mansell aka exboozehound and couple of 2day2gether’s LEW’s (Life Experience Warriors) Ken and Bec. Things are picking up for 2day2gether, I’ve a feeling 2019 is going to be a busy, positive and expansive year for us.

(I’d toast you all,but I’m on the Wagon)

Your friend and mine

Hi, exboozehound here…. Thanks for that John, I proper Lol’d at “….generally behaved like an inebriated couch potato.” I think it’s a good time to stress here that although I’ve not had any booze since February 2013, I don’t expect 2day2gether’s LEW’s not to drink, in fact we at 2day2gether very rarely tell people they must stop drinking (or taking drugs, gambling, self harming, calorie counting, making themselves sick etc etc) we don’t tell people not to do whatever it is they do that is harmful to their health because we don’t concentrate on whatever an individual’s issues are we concentrate on the person, we have a totally and utterly holistic and person centered approach, and always will….

John often tries to talk to me about his church and God etc but gives up very quickly as he knows I’m not interested, but John’s faith is important to him so it’s also important to me and to 2day2gether and has a hand in the approach John has used to help the people he already has and will go onto help many many more….

The meeting John mentioned was with 4 of our LEW’s, Me, Bec, John and Ken. I have no problem admitting I can be a bit of a control freak, but I trust all of 2day2gether’s LEW’s and value and want their opinions and thoughts, without them 2day2gether hasn’t got a chance…. During the meeting I stressed that I have done everything my way as exboozehound but as 2day2gether this has to change so any ideas brought to the table are now discussed between the LEW’s and voted on, if any of the votes don’t go my way I promise not to throw my toys out of the pram, which if you know me you will know won’t be easy for me….

“enjoy the good and ride out the bad” 

Keep going 🙂


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