Feedback Good, Bad & Very Ugly

Over the last few years Jon aka exboozehound has built an impressive and enviable network of the big boys at the organisations (big boys at organisations including NHS, CCG’s, Police, MP’s, Councillors, Councils, Adult Social Care, Health Watch’s, Third Party Organisations and many more) that can both help destroy and help rebuild our lives (destroy might seem a little dramatic but believe us we’ve seen the big boys have a hand in destroying too many lives) obviously “destroy” is a hugely negative word so we prefer to concentration on the positive word “rebuild”. We’ve also seen the big boys step up to the plate and start helping people rebuild their lives, more often than you might think. exboozehound continues to build his network as he believes that in order for the big boys to stop having a hand in destroying people’s lives it’s not only the big boys that have to change their ways, we the public the people who need these organisations to step up to the plate when we need their resources, support and help must change our ways as well and both the big boys and us must change these ways together, by working together, not working together somewhere down the line working together today…. Hence 2day2gether….

After exboozehound’s first meeting with Matt Bowsher, Chief Officer for Adult Social Care at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, he created one of his, what he likes to call “Thingymajigs” (yes we agree Jon is a bit odd…. 🙂 ) Since their first meeting exboozehound and Matt have met a few times and are in touch regularly via social media and email, Jon remembers their first meeting fondly because he was expecting to meet an up himself suit with no interest in what a numpty like Jon had to say, but it couldn’t of been more different. What Jon saw sitting the other side of the desk was another person, with an awful lot of responsibility on his shoulders, GENUINELY DOING EVERYTHING WITHIN HIS POWER TO MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR THE PEOPLE OF DUDLEY…. 

You might think its a bit over the top to put the last part of that sentence on bold, Italics & CAPITALS but Jon is always telling us that he genuinely believes the big boys are doing all they can under very difficult circumstances…. Jon and we no longer accept “we just don’t have the funds to do that” as an excuse for everything that’s wrong with the systems that should protect, support and help us, we believe without a shadow of a doubt that in order to “fix” the many broken/not fit for purpose systems it Isn’t and can’t be about money It’s about the people in those systems working in a more efficient and effective way…. Checkout this page for an example of what support and help should be “3 Options for Mental Health Support in Dudley” No-one is paying for the services 2day2gether are able to offer, (except Jon out of his own pocket) but this will change this year as the big boy organisations WILL finally realise they can’t make things better without exboozehound and 2day2gether….

Anyway…. the “Thingymajig” Jon created after his first meeting with Matt Bowsher at Dudley Adult Social Care, Jon doesn’t like to admit it but it was Matt who said this and not him, even though he has taken some of the credit by putting at the top of the thingymajig “Matt Bowsher & exboozehound 2017″

A lot of people are aware of exboozehound’s impressive network of the big boys and often people come to him to ask him for email addresses and phone numbers of the big boys, out of respect for the relationship exboozehound has built with the big boys he doesn’t give out these email addresses and phone numbers but he is very willing to pass on feedback good, bad and very ugly…. (besides which the email addresses, Twitter accounts, phone numbers are pretty much all available on the World Wide Web).

Jon aka exboozehound has contacted the big boys on many occasions on the behalf of others with feedback good, bad and very ugly and is keen for this to be an important part of the work 2day2gether does moving forward. Often people speak to Jon and rant about the poor service they have received from the big boys but have they are unable to give him detailed information about what’s gone wrong, Jon can pass on vague details like this but from experience he has learnt and knows if we can provide the big boys with detailed information then we have a much better chance of getting a response and some action from the big boys….

With all of this in mind we have created a feedback form:-

[wpforms id=”220″ title=”true” description=”true”]

There is also a PDF version of this form if you want to fill it in manually and either scan and email or hand to us at 2day2gether….

2d2g Feedback Good, Bad and Very Ugly