Michael Sidaways Page

I’m making Michael a posthumous member of the 2day2gether team, Unfortunately Michael passed away on the 25th February 2018, I’d last seen him in January at Woodside Day Care centre, where he ran the user forum.

He’d invited me, for the second time, to speak to the user forum group. During the discussion with the group I spoke about 2day2gether, I’d planned to ask Michael to become part of the team, simply because if you knew him you admired him.

I was once told at a Dudley Health Watch #PeoplesNetwork meeting, which Michael regularly attended and contributed to, that Michael had spoken about me saying I was an inspiration to him, I’m extremely glad that I told him in return that he was an inspiration to me, dealing with everything he had to deal with and always doing it with a smile.

On the 27th February 2018 I posted a blog called “2018 so far….” in which I’d mentioned Michael, when I found out he’d passed away I hoped he’d seen it before he passed away, unfortunately he’d already gone.

I went to Michaels funeral, whilst I was there I spoke to his sister to ask her if I could make Michael a posthumous member of the 2day2gether team and she agreed it would be okay. I overheard quite a few people saying those strange words you hear at funerals “it was a lovely funeral” I’ve always found those words odd but they seemed to make sense in this case.

When a couple of staff from Woodside Day Care Centre said a few words at the beginning of the funeral one of them said something I thought I had to make a note of cus it was just perfect “Michael Sidaway, A beacon of light in what can be a very dark world….”

The music chosen for Michaels funeral seemed perfect as well:-

Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven

Michael you will be missed by an awful lot of people, including me….