The Team – LEW’s

LEW’s – Life Experience Warriors

Right…. concentrate Jon, we’re starting 2day2gether as we mean to go on, professionally…. (😂😂 me Professional…?)

2day2gether is a project I’ve been working on setting up for a while now and now is the time to start moving forward with it purposely, so at the 5 year anniversary of exboozehound we put in an event to celebrate 5 years and to officially launch 2day2gether….

Checkout the page dedicated to the anniversary and launch event…

exboozehound’s blog 5 years anniversary & 2day2gether launch….

so let me introduce you to the original team line up….

(these are the team members that have decided they’re happy to be open, honest and public about their experiences and what makes the Life Experience Warriors)





Michael (Postumous team member)